Corey Trahan

Singer A.G.M.A. | Actor A.E.A. | Educator

Corey has proved to be a gifted musician, a fine interpreter and an excellent linguist. His vocal quality is very warm, his technique is secure, and his ability to work through difficulties is exemplary. On stage he is an electric personality, with a great gift for comic timing. He is also a fine colleague, helpful to the rehearsal process and considerate of all the other people involved.
— Joseph Illick, Artistic Director, Santa Fe Concert Association
Corey has a beautiful voice: strong and true, beautiful legato, wonderful ring and a great technique. He is an incredible actor and gives his whole being to performing. He is equally at home in opera and music theater. I cannot tell you how much I think of this artist.It is rare to find someone who is as talented as he is, yet remains a wonderful person. He is totally devoted to his craft, has great career potential and I look forward to working with him for many years.
— Darren Keith Woods, General Director, Fort Worth Opera
It’s a quite beautiful lyric voice, even, and unforced. He’s a fine and serious musician, learns roles quickly and invests much thought in them. He’s taken advantage of every opportunity while those around him have been content with merely getting by.
— Buck Ross, Director, Moores Opera Center
The fleet-footed Corey Trahan, one of opera’s most physical character singers, was the perfect Monostatos, the sleazy characterization defined by lecherous looks and acrobatic stage movemens, even tossing in an aerial gymnastic flip. - Die Zauberflote, Birmingham
— Michael Huebner, Contributing Writer,
Corey Trahan is a wiry, intensely sinister Spoletta.
— Scott Cantrell, Classical Music Critic, The Dallas Morning News
But it is Corey Trahan who steals all his scenes as a cavorting Cacambo. His comic timing and delivery are outstanding and his Spanish accent is hilarious.
— The Des Moines Register